The Best Prohormone Stack For Your Body Building Needs

Body building requires a lot of discipline and focus. Body builders have to check on their diet and have a good workout routine so as to achieve the body weight and shape that they desire. However, despite all the hard work that is put in, body building results take a while to be realized. The duration may vary from a few months to years, depending on one’s body.  If patience is not one’s strong suit or one requires faster results, he or she can choose to use prohormones to accelerate the muscle gains. With the best prohormone stack, one can achieve the desired body shape and weight in a very short while.

About Prohormones

Prohormones are popular in the body building field. They are classified as a type of drug and are usually used by athletes and body builders to increase performance levels. Prohormones provide stimulation to the muscles through hormonal manipulation in the body, enhancing performance legally. Though some prohormone formulations have been banned in some countries, there are some types that are legal and proven through research to have no adverse side effects.

Types of Prohormones

There are many kinds of prohormones that are available in the market. It is important for one to know each of them and their benefits, so as to make an informed decision when purchasing them. This way one is able to formulate the prohormone combination that yields the best results.

1-Androsterone is one of the most popular prohormones. Research has shown that it can allow a buildup of up to 11 pounds of muscle in a month when it is accompanied by a good diet and exercise plan. 1-Androsterone is the most anabolic prohormone because it converts downstream to 1-testosterone which is approximately twice as anabolic as testosterone. Moreover, 1-testosterone does not cause estrogenic side effects and hair loss like testosterone.

4-Androsterone is considered the best legal prohormone to testosterone. It turns into testosterone in a two-step process and in essence is pure testosterone. Most men love it because it makes them very active in the gym and still maintains one’s sex drive while providing lesser side effects.

1,4-DHEA was considered the best prohormone in early 2012. However, it was later banned due to some uncontrollable side effects. However, there is a better version that has been produced and is supposed to provide benefits such as joint repair and appetite stimulation.

Other prohormones available in the market include:
• EpiAndro
• 5aOHP
• 1,4-OHP
• 6-Keto-Progesterone
• 7-Keto DHEA/ 7-Hydroxy-DHEA
• Androst 3 5-dien-7 17-dione

Using Prohormones

Prohormones are easy to acquire in drug stores. They come in different forms depending on the brand. Some of the common forms are tablets, liquid, capsules and pills. However, the use of prohormones should be regulated by a medical practitioner, to avoid abuse and ensure the any side effects are handled on the right way. Moreover, it is important for one to confirm whether a prohormone brand is banned or not and also consider the side effects before purchasing. There are many ways through which the prohormone stacks can be taken. Oral consumption is the most popular delivery means, though there are some people who prefer to inject the prohormones in the body.

For best results, prohormones have to be taken in stacks. A prohormone stack is a combination of prohormones and support substances that are taken together in a specific dosage so as to achieve the best results and reduce side effects. Using prohormone stacks helps a person get all the benefits provided by the different prohormones in the stack, increasing performance and results.

Best Prohormone Stacks

Different stacks are usually engineered to spur different kinds of results in a body builder or athlete. Therefore, the best stack varies depending on a person’s goal. The ultimate mass builders stack is a good example of a prohormone stack that spurs muscle growth. It consists of Methylstenbolone which is a muscle growth accelerator hormone, Nano Genin which increases strength and muscle endurance and Protex for liver detoxification.

VL hard muscle stack is another prohormone stack that is used to increase lean mass and muscle hardness. It comprises of Epistane which is a prohormone that enables one to maintain muscle mass while decreasing fat and Halodrol that increases strength and vascularity. With these two prohormones put together, one is able to get a leaner body structure. For more info check out prohormone stack page…

Benefits of Prohormones

Every prohormone provides a specific benefit depending on the enhancements it provides in the body. Most of the prohormones operates like a stimulant for anabolic hormones and work as androgen receptors that encourage the user to work faster and better. In addition to this, prohormones enable the body to burn calories or fat faster, enabling one to achieve a leaner physique. With the best prohormone stack, one is able to get muscle gains and the physique that he or she wants in the shortest time possible.

How Much Body Fat You Should Lose When Bodybuilding?

The amount of body fat you should lose depends on your bodybuilding goal. You may be trying to lose weight to achieve your ideal weight or you may be getting ready for a bodybuilding competition. There are many ways to achieve your goal of losing fat. Most people try to go for crash or fad diet but such diets can do more harm than good. A crash diet can help lose fat quite fast but it comes at a cost. You may lose mostly fluid and not the fat. The problem is you may lose muscle as well. When the goal is to build muscle, crash dieting is not very effective in losing fat. It is important to develop a diet plan that takes into account your special nutritional requirements while on a bodybuilding program.

First of all, calculate how much body fat you should lose. Once you have figured out the number, it will become easier to achieve your weight loss goal. There are different ways to figure out unnecessary body fat. These options include BIA or bioelectric impedance analysis, underwater weighing and skin fold technique. Once you know the exact amount of fat in your body, you can calculate how much body fat you should lose and how much fat should be retained. The goal is to lose fat and avoid muscle loss.

You can burn your fat faster with good workouts. You will be able to burn about 3-4 hundred calories with each workout. At the same time, the amount of fat you lose depends on the workout intensity and how much calories you are able to burn while doing cardio. An intensive workout increases resting metabolic rate. High intensity workouts can keep this rate higher for several hours. Plan your workout to lose fat and not muscle. You will be preserving muscle with an ideal workout.

If you depend solely on diet for losing weight, you will be losing not only fat but muscle as well. It will not result in good bodybuilding result. Reducing your calories intake severely will jeopardize your bodybuilding efforts. There will be slower metabolic rate which will prove counterproductive. You should know how much calories you will need even while you are trying to lose weight. The good thing is you do not have to starve or restrict calories intake severely to achieve your bodybuilding goal. Calculate ideal amount of calories intake, how much body weight you should lose, and how much body fat you should lose. It will help you plan your bodybuilding program in the best way possible.